URGENT Open CALL! We need Nerd Farmer stories ASAP


Stoked to see it when it is ready!@


@pauanta I know you guys have a ton of videos but you have to make a new one :slight_smile:


thanks @maxime ! great to hear about your interest and support and dont sweat the accent, I think it works! :slight_smile:


Here is my intro video. My system is quite different from the PFC right now, but the soul of the initiative is there. I hope this helps. Thanks for all you do!


The video is in the making, you know details matter … Pau would like to go to the Sundance Festival :wink:


Nice! great production quality!


Here is a Open Ag Inspires Innovation Video




Sharing our video on how OpenAg is impacting education. Enjoy!

P.S. We’re working on a shorter (1 min) version.


OMG!!! We :heart:️ You back!! That was really incredible. How can I help you get the server going?


Hey! I can’t see it :frowning: can you upload it to YouTube?


Hey @Caleb

Here’s our video! I hope it’s helpful. Feel free to trim as needed.

All the best!

The Homebrew Food Computer Club in San Francisco

  • Will Coddington
  • @david
  • Richard Ho
  • Mikey Kellermeier
  • Adrian L. Lu


Thanks @adrianlu @david and team for your hard work in putting this together!!


Hi! We’re building Food Computers in a Baltimore high school biotechnology class, but we still need to collect release forms from the students to upload a video. Is it too late if we post a video sometime this weekend?


Definitely never too late @melanieshimano :slight_smile: we are going to keep this thread open and see what other stories are lingering out there - thanks!


@growphone - where’s your food server located? Is it school-based?


@rheitz, I cannot “like” this video enough. I was wondering if the food server build has been a cross-curriculum project or are you working on it for a specific class?




Thanks @ikspence!!! Great to hear about your plans :slight_smile:


@pauanta waiting in your video :wink: