URGENT Open CALL! We need Nerd Farmer stories ASAP


Keep this thread going #nerdfarmers :slight_smile: we need your stories and to show your food computing skills


Hi! Here’s a preview of what we’re doing at Green Street Academy in Baltimore, MD.

Let me know if you guys need a video with more details about how we’re using Food Computers in the classrooms and how were relating our class to issues in Baltimore communities!


@Caleb here is our video. Hope this contributes to your mission !



Still working on the video, but busy season at work keeps putting it on hold. But I’m too excited about this project to keep it to myself…check out my post on LinkedIn.
Technology meets Urban Agriculture
Motty Helfgott | Mar 2, 2017


This is a short video of our PFC progress at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park KS.
Best wishes, everyone!!


@melanieshimano this is gorgeous. Fantastic to see the great work you are doing as an OpenAg educator :slight_smile:


@pauanta - thanks for your wonderful video and support. Love the shirt! :wink:


Great post! Can’t wait to read more about your adventures in food computing…


Thank you!! Looks awesome.


@lisaF I am totally coming to visit next time I’m at the farm in Medicine Lodge Kansas :slight_smile:


Here is link to video: https://youtu.be/xMgfODlOgB4

Any and all votes help!
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This is awesome!! I voted - I tweeted and retweeted - even forwarded to Media Lab listserve :slight_smile:


Btw you can use an PFC pictures you want - do you need some? Might snaz up the ad?


@Caleb Thank you so much!!! Unfortunately any photos we put in the ad have to be school property☹️


Great videos/stories in this thread.

Recently, I watched an impressive video, not ad.

Sprout dream - “ลองดู” (We can try). The story is about a girl, wants to help her mother grow sprout to make a living, but the sprout to them is not an easy thing…

That is great story, OpenAg can learn from this.



our photos are creative commons so you can legally use them :slight_smile: Or if you mean they need to be taken ON school property thats going to be harder to accomplish :wink:


@pauanta this…is…AWESOOMEEEE. Sorry it took a while for me to write - getting ready for a busy week at the lab. Your progress has been so fun to watch, truly inspiring to me. THANK YOU


@Caleb Well I just found out it’s too late to add any photos to the submission, but we sure would like to see an FC on our school property soon…


how is the contest going?


It’s going great! We still need votes though! And and all votes help! You can more times and multiple devices and browsers. Voting ends April 19th. Thank you! @Caleb

Heres the link: