User Interface quirks discovered


I started playing around with the UI today. I was able to load a recipe and saw the Heater and grow lights kick on. However, maybe I am missing something, but I do not see a way to reset the Food Computer back to heat and grow lights off. It appears to always be running a recipe. Is this intended? We should look into extending a reset FC or unload all active recipes button.


From what I could see, once it starts running a recipe, it either runs it until it’s finished or until you change it for another one.
One thing that happened to me was that I tried to upload a recipe in Windows text format, instead of Unix. The UI asked me to confirm that I wanted to quit the running recipe, which I did, but it wasn’t able to start the new one, leaving the recipe field as “None”.
It is a dumb solution, but it resets the FC recipe. Having a reset functionality would be nice, though.