Using a Raspberry Pi instead of Beagle Bone


Oh ok that’s fine. We do require help and I will stay in constant touch. We have started basic work right now. We have our engineering exams going on which would finish on the 28th of Jan. After that we will start in full swing. Let’s start working on it asap. :slight_smile: .


It sounds like you want to hire me as a consultant on a commercial project in India–sorry, but I’m not available for that. Discussing things openly on the forum is good because it allows the community to follow along if they want and to potentially learn useful things.


@wsnook I don’t want to hire you for anything. We are just looking to build a Raspberry Pi version of the PFC. We wanted some mentors/people who share common goals to collaborate with us. And yes, we are planning to make a large scale smart hydroponic farm. We don’t intend anyone to work with us dedicating their whole 24 hours on it. Thanks anyway for your help until now. And yes, we will be uploading forked repos too for the community.


It looks like we’ll be the ones learning from you! Where will you be posting updates on your progress? Let me know so I can add it to my list of active projects to keep an eye on!


In that case, you might be interested in some of the recent commits to

I just noticed today that they’re working on an adapter plate to experiment with using a Raspberry Pi with boards that were designed to fit BeagleBone GPIO connectors. Related openag-electrical commits: c2aac39, 09fab23, 72c7547


We will confirm as to where we will be posting our updates from 28th of January, since we have our Semester End Exams until then. Thanks again for taking interest. :slight_smile:


For everybody following this thread, you might like to know that Jake from the OpenAg team at MIT has done a lot of work in the last week on modifying the PFC_EDU device software to be usable on other platforms. It looks like he intends to add support Raspberry Pi and macOS with an FT323H USB I2C adapter. You can follow the work in progress in the raspi-integration branch of openag-device-software on github. Here’s a screenshot of the openag-device-software network graph where you can see 17 Raspberry Pi related commits (blue line) since January 8:

I haven’t talked to Jake about this, and don’t have any further information about it other than reading the commit diffs on github. But, it looks like he’s making a lot of progress.