Using a Raspberry Pi instead of Beagle Bone


Just a few sensors are left out. We are trying to figure out the chiller unit part.


Hey guys, we are hard at work on our model of the food computer. And about the chiller unit part, I actually got in touch with Kipp Bradford at kippkitts about the chiller unit that had been designed for $800 as quoted by him. He was actually kind enough to connect me to a dealer in China which makes a smaller version for less the price. I got a quotation of $600 from them which was way better. But, recently I went through a link on github by a person called Rob Baynes, where it has been said a PC water cooling chiller and a PC water cooling radiator can be used to build the chiller unit. Can anyone put me in contact with the person who said that it’s possible to control the air temperature with this? I just wanted to know how it was possible and just wanted to see if things worked out better for us. Thanks in advance.