Version 5 coming for schools?

Hi there,
I’m a high school physics and technology/makerspace teacher in New York. Our district has funded a STEAM initiative across the next few years, which funded an interdisciplinary group of teachers to visit the Nature exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt in NYC, where we saw your food computer. Several of us thought this would make a terrific interdisciplinary science project for our department. We have access to a CNC and other tools for construction, and I’ve got some experience with circuitry and Python (though much more with Arduino). I’m pretty sure I could get a district grant to built 3 or 4 PFC’s with my technology students, and I have 3 chemistry and biology teachers interested in developing curriculum for them. I was a little worried that the activity on the wiki looked pretty slow for the last few months as I’m sure I’d need a bit of help, but then noticed on the electronics thread a recommendation to hold off on new builds until the version 5 plans are available. Do you anticipate the new version to be fairly similar in level of difficulty for assembly and coding, and is there any plan to provide educational outreach or support at the secondary level? I’d actually love to drive up and chat with someone for an hour about the project, if possible.
Paul Bianchi
Physics/Technology teacher
Horace Greeley High School
Chappaqua, NY