Vertical Farming Documentary


Wow - solid overview of the industry of vertical farming by Dickson Despommier who’s vision has inspired much conversation and innovation. It has it’s biases, but this is one of the best quality summaries I’ve seen. I encourage those of you truly interested in this industry as a career to take the 45 minutes and watch it - there’s something of interest to everyone here as I believe it’s a full overview of the entire global industry. Also, if you are a film-maker or interested in working on an “Open-Source Food” documentary please, speak up, how cool would that be?

5:00 - Tour of Square Roots which is Kimbal Musk’s container farm incubator. Shows a good view of rehabbed Freight Farms shipping container farms.
13:00 - Gotham Greens #greenhouses located on the rooftop of Whole Foods in Brooklyn.
14:32 - Aerofarms tour showing their facilities and a good overview of their noticeable COB leds and a focus on their robust foodsafety program.
20:50 Focuses on the Dutch hydroponics industry’s ability to reduce water usage which has prompted them kicking off collaboration with China (make sure you turn on your subtitles).
31:26 Introduces Plantagon which is a vertical farming company collaborating with Dubai developing the first attempt at a real sustainable city integrated 10+ stories vertical farm.
41:00 Example of school Aerofarms is working with showing opportunities of #curriculum centered around food growing and its impact on their lives and habits from a young age.
44:30 SOLID conclusion by Dickson at the end. I won’t tell you what it is so you have to watch it.

Floating Platforms for FoodServers

Thanks for the link :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Webb.Peter Just watched it. Thanks for the link!

Youtube tip for the impatient: click the gear icon for the settings menu and change the speed to 1.5 or 2 instead of normal.


Hydro farming takes care of many problems but the amount of energy it uses is ALOT
It would be nice to have a mini nuclear reactor. Could then grow a lot for even cheaper


Thanks for sharing–can’t wait to watch this!


Hello to all.
I am a complete Noob with a capital N, loved that you shared that video.
I am partial to Hpa at the moment and I just started making my own system, I am migrating from a
Kratky using air stones, which incidentally is giving me amazing results.

Realize this whole forum is geared more toward the creation of an open source system, for which you need data, controls…etc.

Love to be a part of this conversation, and hope that this analog grower can contribute in some ways in the coming months.


I’m interested to hear more about what you grow. Our top Aeroponics expert @Atom is a little old-school himself :wink: .

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