Vertical Farming Summit - Online Event


Hey OpenAg Community,

My name is Chris Powers and I am launching an online event about vertical farming, urban agriculture, and environmental tech today.

I have been watching some of the activity in the OpenAg community primarily following the development of Food Computing projects here on the boards and would love your help and insight with an event

I put this event together to use my skills in digital marketing to further AgTech education. From my perspective there’s a significant gap between the number of people who are eager to innovate in the world of food and the experts who are doing interesting work.

I have some really great speakers on board who are talking about different business models and technologies for advancing urban agriculture. A few include Allison Kopf from Agrilyst, Nick Burton and Jeff Bednar, who will talk about how to successfully sell your crops to turn your farm into a business, and the inspiring Stephen Ritz who gave a talk about his work transforming his community through the power of fresh food.

I wanted to make a post on here to share a project that I am working on and to invite you all to attend and contribute if you are interested. I would be especially thankful if @caleb or anyone else from the @openag team were willing to speak (@arielle, @Webb.Peter, @paula).

I believe very strongly in non-traditional / non-credential driven education, open collaboration, and in lowering barriers to entry to help people capture opportunities in emerging industries.

You can sign up for the summit by entering your name and email into the opt in page, and you’ll receive email updates for when each summit talk goes live.