Want to build a food computer in Korea


HI all farmers

i am a 23 old student in Korea

and i am majoring in mechanical design in university

i watched TED

and i am very very impressed in this system

so i want to build a food computer near my home

not big

i want to eat and enjoy fresh food that i made with my family

and my father want that too

so he support a little money

and finally i want to share korean plants recipe in open source

it will be a chance to learn english ,coding and designing

Then now i am going to start this project


i have to make PPT to my father!!


how can i buy a hardware computer system ?

in enternet ?

sorry to my bad english

Please advise thank you! ^^

OpenAG in South Korea
Component purchase to build the PFC

Hi, Check the below link! i hope it may help to get started :slight_smile: How to start building one am not a computer nerd


wow really thank you

now i will find way to buy that parts


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