Welsh Government Invests £1.3m in Computer Coding Schools


Welsh Government is planning to give £1.3m to establish clubs dedicated towards teaching computer coding and programming.

This investment is part of the Welsh Government’s £100m plan where it wishes to raise school standards in next five years. Education Secretary Kirsty Williams said she wants all pupils to learn coding since the importance of such digital skills keep on growing continuously today. As per different estimates there would be 100,000 new coding jobs for the youth by 2020 in UK. As report by Welsh government there are currently around 1.5 million jobs in IT sector of which around 400,000 are about coding and programing. The code clubs that would be established by this investment would be meant to train learners aged three to 16.
Three years ago experts warned that schools in Wales were in danger being left behind when it comes to digital education and particularly coding. That is the reason most pupils are in need of UK coursework assistance in topics related to digital education.


The design industry is still and always will be as much about ideas as it is technical innovation, with creativity motivating all digital advances and solutions. Teaching children how to programme is not necessarily the same as teaching them how to create. For example, an artworker is not the same as a graphic designer. One uses a programme to finesse a piece of art. help with coursework The other uses thought and ideas to create something original. By steering kids down the coding path, are we just teaching them to do, when we should be teaching them how to think? Is it a knee-jerk reaction to a skills gap that exists now but which might be replaced by something totally new by the time they’re adults?