What application on the RPI controls the process?


Hi all software specialists…I need your help:
I have a complete new build (the original version) running on the RPI. I have access to the RPI via tightvncserver. Unfortunately the GRO-UI on my Mac is not responding any more. But I guess there should be an application on the RPI that controls the Arduino, not ?
So which app is that, and how do I get it running ? And most importantly: how can I make changes to the recipe ?
Again: it has to run on the RPI for me.
As a complete ignorant person, I would need some guidance as to how to do it, because just referring me to the Github is not working for me: I am completely lost there… sorry
I am willing to spend time on creating some sort of a manual for other non-nerds like me as soon as I understand what needs to be done. This will help future builders to get beyond this threshold when building a PFC. So… if someone can make it clear to me, I will make sure that others will be able to understand it as well. I hope this is a fair trade-off…:slight_smile: