What can be grown with the food computer?


What can you actually grow with the food computer?


I’ll take a shot at this :slight_smile: . Theoretically, a food computer can grow anything. Constraints that will limit how well something grows depend on how you implement the design. Specifically, plant size, root volume, temp/humidity requirements, and plant spacing needs will dictate how well a food computer actually grows something. Leafy greens are a sure bet in almost any design. Tubers, melons, exotic flowers, and fruit bearing trees are examples of things that will be harder to grow in food computers as designed and published by OpenAg. Can you grow a row of corn in a food computer? Sure, but the size of the enclosure and the scope of the the environment controls hasn’t been scaled (to my knowledge) to adequately accommodate that specific crop. Let me know if that makes sense.


Thank you for the response. I wasn’t quite sure if there were any limitations with specific plants or not.