What could be causing this? - Strawberry Plant Disease


Not sure what is causing this…

Not sure if this is sun burn. Running 500 to 800 u/moles sec
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Same! I’ve had this on multiple Strawberry grows.

  1. Are you starting from rooted crowns that were in soil?
  2. Do you have any mold/signs of disease on your “crown”?
  3. Are the roots entirely white, or is there any indication of root rot?

I’ve read that it could be because they’re “too wet” and this can lead to Verticillium Wilt. Here is a guide on some of the possible causes, it could also be too much nutrient judging by the light green near the brown portion. http://homeguides.sfgate.com/causes-strawberry-leaves-turn-brown-77485.html


I’ve honestly been keeping this grow to myself because it’s been a bit of a learning experience, in other words, I’m murdering them. Here is an example from my MVP Food Computer of strawberries with browning leaf.

In my situation, I had assumed it to be a problem with my roots. I am running DWC and think that my root zone is too warm. It could also just be rot caused by decomposing roots or leftover organic material that came with them when I bought them (online through Amazon). I’d love to see your aeroponic roots BTW @Jlniemi. So about a week ago I changed out the nutrients in my strawberries. There was an increase of about 600 PPM (same PH) from the previous nutrient mix (they had grown). I came in two days later, and saw this:

Lastly, I just noticed that I have pests! I’m guessing that they came with the plants when I bought them and now they’ve multiplied already. If anyone recognizes them or has dealt with these pests in the past please give your recommendations!


Thanks for sharing. If we only share success we only get to learn 10% or less of what we need to learn :grinning:


@Webb.Peter Those kinda look like aphids, but I’m no expert.

Are you familiar with university agricultural extensions (aka cooperative extensions)? If you google for “strawberry IPM site:.edu”, you should get a bunch of ag extension pages talking about integrated pest management (IPM) for strawberries. Some of that will talk about aphids.

This University of California page seems to cover a lot of the potential stuff that can go wrong with growing strawberries: http://ipm.ucanr.edu/PMG/selectnewpest.strawberry.html

Macrosiphum euphorbiae aka Red aphids

found my problem. I had a clogged nozzle. a small part of tape thread got in the nozzle.
next time I will use liquid pipe thread.