What EC and temperature sensor and ph sensor shall we buy?


Hi All

I am new on this stuff. Seems a lot of things need to buy.
For EC and temperature sensor and ph sensor, anyone knows what kind of sensors shall we buy?
What are the measurement range and the accuracy they should be?
Do you have an online shopping link?



They’re spelled out here: https://github.com/OpenAgInitiative/gro-hardware/blob/master/BOM%20food%20computer.xlsx

I would recommend you not get the pH sensor in the BOM since it is meant for occasional testing, not continuous service. Instead get https://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=36_68&product_id=1110


That is really helpful! Thank you!


I just got good industrial EC, pH and DO probes soon. I’ll post the links where you can get them.


Can i use another sensor instead of Atlas sensor ?
Because Atlas sensor too expensive for us.


What are your goals? I ask because unless you really have a way to manipulate PH/EC there isn’t much value in tracking them when getting started. The dosing on the V2 is still a bit buggy, so until that is resolved the only value of having PH/EC is for data logging.

If you just want a reading you can get PH/EC sensors for pretty cheap. As for water, I’d suggest sticking with the DSB, it’s what we’re using for MVP/V2 right now.


Thank Peter
My goal is building demo of V2, and i’ll considering your’s suggest.
Another problem with our’s country is weather. Summer too hot .
Can you suggest us build cheap air conditional for V2 PFC ?
Thanks alot.


I wish I had a good answer for you, check out this thread about cooling:

Arguably water cooling is just as if not more important though:


Thank Peter.
Will asking you later .
Thanks and Best regards.