What is XSPC Ion Pump/reservoir for?


Sorry for the noob question, but I have studied a lot all the documentation and still couldn’t figure out:
whats XSPC Ion Pump/reservoir combo (in bom list) for?
It’s quite expensive and I would like to understand the use for substituting. I’m still on the buying phase of the project.

Thanks :slight_smile:


The Ion Pump (not to be confused with a Flux Capacitor) is used to pump cold water through the radiator in the growth chamber. The fan that is attached to this radiator draws the growth chamber air across the radiator thus chilling it. Without the pump you would lose the air cooling feature of the V2 Food Computer. The V1 Food Computer has no air cooling.


oh, sure. The other water pump is for the nutrient solution, I forgot the water in the chiller system. I suppose I can use a regular water pump since it has flux/pressure enough for the radiator, right?


I don’t know if a generic pump would work or not. I don’t have any experience in this area. I know that if you google water cooled CPU’s and look at the articles there is a lot of information on how to prepare your coolant. It may be that cheaper pumps don’t work well with CPU coolant water with it’s additives. Also you would probably want a pump that self charges. On the other hand the ION pump’s chief virtue may be that it is silent and maybe the only thing you loose by using a cheaper pump is silent operation. If you implement something let us know how it goes.