What to laser cut & alternatives for PVC boards


I am having trouble figuring out what I should be laser cutting. In the mainframe assembly instructions, the build begins with everything precut it seems. I’m wondering what items should be laser cut and what items can be cut in other ways.

I am also wondering if anyone has found an alternative for the “PVC sheet, white, 1/2” thick, 24" x 96"" that appears on the BOM. Home Depot, the retailer listed, does not carry this item anymore (at least an area around me where they’re able to ship.) Everything I have found online with the right materials and dimensions are 3x more expensive than whats listed on the BOM and I am working on a tight budget.

Thanks for all your help in advance



Hey Ben,

I am using 1/4" PVC sheets for my build along with an aluminum frame. I got the aluminum angles locally so I would recommend looking around at what kind of metal suppliers you have.