Where are you building your Food Computer?


Good morning. We are interested in buidling a (several)PFC2 and would contribute all the necessary funds to make that happen. Do you have any interest in working with us? We are not mechanically inclined. We would supply the capital and your team would be the assembly/mfg. team.

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Hi. Joined now and interested in building a PFC2. Are you still interested in “joining forces”?


Just joined now and looking for complementary skills to tackle the construction of a PFC2. Still interested in this area?

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I see a mark in Ohio. Do you have the username for this person? I’ve been trying to get in contact with people closest to me (Columbus, OH), but haven’t had much luck.

I’m also in Zurich and keen to meet people interested in this.

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Hi @dev2.arya, I am very excited to know if you are done with PFC as I am also planning to build one in Pune, Maharashtra.

Hello everyone,

I’m Sairaj from Goa, India. I’m from BITS Pilani Goa Campus and i’m planning to build the FC2 in our campus. I’m very excited to work on this project and i’m looking forward to actively participate and contribute to the community.

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Hi there :slight_smile:
My name is Marie-Claire & I live in Zurich/Switzerland. I’m studying environmental sciences at the Federal Institute of Technology [ETH] in Zurich. Therefore, I’m active in several initiatives around all dimensions of sustainability.:four_leaf_clover::wink: We had the first meeting about the food computer in Zurich today and planning the next meeting in September!:raising_hand:



I am Thomas, I also live in Zurich and I am a software engineer.
Due to the lack of flavour/taste in fresh food available here, I am participating in the local group to build a food computer in the hope of being able to produce better tasting herbs/vegetables, maybe even fruits :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, I am Anisa Kuci, 22 years old. I am from Albania and currently a student at Agricultural University of Tirana.
I’m also a board member at Open Labs Hackerspace, which is an organization based in Tirana, Albania that promotes free software and open source technologies.


We’ll be building our first iteration of the PFC v.2.0 here in Bend, Oregon. We’re in the planning / ordering process still, but our small company (Around The Bend Farms, Inc.) is scheduled to begin the PFC v.2.0 project (collaboratively with Oregon State University Energy Systems Engineering students) on September 20, 2017. I plan to provide updates on our website and the Community Forum. We look forward to this endeavor, and we’re excited about being immersed in the collaborative and innovative potential this brings.

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Dear Kevin
I am a graduate student student from Northwest A&F University, our team is going to use openag’s personal food computer in ShaanXi province, for our study on the characters of growing process of moss, I think whether we can do something together on this fascinating tools for the Precision agriculture in China.

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Hi, I am from Shan’xi, China. How’s your food computer going?

Where: Belgium, Antwerp
When: soon, I’m just getting informed at this stage
Who: Me, my brother and friends will help

Why: I mainly have a culinary interest

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Hi, Chris here
I live near Zürich and would be interested to meet and exchange experiences, ideas and thoughts before I start building my own PFC2. Any possibility to meet?

Hello everyone.

I am Till Wegmüller from Zürich Switzerland. I am a member of the Chaostreff Bern (Swiss Chaos Computer Club) and general Hacker and Builder. I have been working as IT-Engineer for a few years now and recently studied management at Kaospilot School in Bern. I hope to build and improve on the design of the food computer and whatever kind of movement comes out of our effort here in Zurich.


Hi I am Desmond. And I am building a vertical farm in Ghana.

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Santi soy mario salazar de Peru como te fue con tu FC

Hey, did you ever build a PFC2 this past year? I am a middle school science teacher at Carolina Friends School, in between Durham and Chapel Hill, NC and I am very interested in trying one of these at my school. If you were successful in getting one built, I would love to hear more about it. Would you be available to help out if my students and I were to try to build one of our own?

Hi @tommyjohnson7,
If you’re concerned with building a PFC v2.1, we also have open source materials for building a lower tech version called a foam farm. The foam farms do not have the same technical capacity of the PFC v2.1, but they are much cheaper and easier to build. Because of this, you also have the opportunity to build more than one foam farm and run some a/b experiments in the classroom. If you are looking for the information, it can be found here - https://github.com/OpenAgInitiative/FoamFarmActivity.
Good luck!
@paula for OpenAg