Where are you building your Food Computer?


Thank you. That looks perfect for us.


Hi Both,

I am also building a PFC in Shanghai, how did your projects come along?




I’m just a high school student in Columbus, Ohio, inspired to make my own food computer after my AP Economics teacher showed the class a TEDTalk aboout OpenAg. I am currently still building the modules but hopefully I can finish the frame and get started on the coding by the end of the week!

Glad to be apart of the community!


hello im building from lebanon


How perfectly awesome. Good luck with it. Glad more young people are getting involved with not only ag, but technology!


Starting a grow setup with my students here in Cambodia at the Liger Leadership Academy.

We have a couple of spare outdoor walls that we would like to do the installation on. So I am wondering whether we can utilize some of the technology here in our outdoor setup.


Building large food computer here in Duluth,MN
Next year planning on building 300x50 ft building for 43300 plants.
right now i have a 12x16 room that holds several hundred plants.
Everything is automated and data logged. PPM/EC PH Water Temp
Relative humidity, CO2 Air temp, lights on/off how much blue and reds i use and u/mole web cam on plants at all times.and pictures taken every day
Lots of data is collected.


Hi @Jlniemi,

We’d love to see your setup. Do you have any pics you could post? What kind of plants are you growing?



Strawberries, here’s his posts (I’ve been pestering him for pics/vids for weeks :joy:)

And here (seriously a gold mine), not every day you see air atomised aeroponic setups:

Can I grow strawberries with a PFC(v2)?

If you would like more information just ask.
I can always make better pic and vids also.
Just been busy building a new set up


Where: Birmingham, AL, USA
When: October 2017
What: MVP

Super excited to be a part of such a “growing” community!


Hello, I’m KwangHee Han.

I make food computer in South Korea.
This project started 2month ago, I writing blog post about our recent project in the http://og.linchpinsoft.com : )

We choose plant young radish, chicory , lettuce. In this time, i tried for integrate second-hand old smartphone to my food computer system. Develop android application using module and service(Like AlarmManager and Broadcast service) for take picture my growing plant in automatically every 10minute.

If i finish develop android application, i will try analyze our plant image for tracking growing using openCV!

I hope share my experience and idea with other people who attend this forum.

I look forward talking open agriculture and food computer system with other people!


Hi everyone,
I’m building a FC in Paris, France.
Do you know if someone is also doing it in Paris ?

Where : Paris, France


hey could you help us?? we’re form indore and we’re high schoolers who’re trying to make a project on food computing! kindly guide us!


We left that project in between due to lack of funds. But, I can help with
few things. Are u asking me for the starting point or have u made any


Hi everyone! I’m from Argentina, and just today I knew about PFC. I will try to build my own. By the way, I’m starting reading the huge documentation that you have and doing some research to know how to begin.
If anybody has some advice (for example, where to begin), it’s welcome


i just wanted to ask that after you’ve like assembled everything, how does it ACTUALLY WORK? i mean, what does it do?


Hi @sanika,

If you are interested in learning more about Personal Food Computers, please check out our website. There are also links to our wiki and github, if you are looking to build a PFC.

Good luck!


Good Morning.

My name is Ok Han, working for an agricultural company in Korea.

My company is going to create a team to build the PCF and I need a know-how
from the component purchase to system installation.

Sharing your experience and knowledge will be deeply appreciated.

The following is my email address:

Please contact me.


We will start Soon in Plön, near to Hamburg.