Where are you building your Food Computer?


Hi Rob,

We’re a school in Duxbury and were wondering if you had completed your PFC 2.0 yet, and if you had any tips for those just beginning? Thanks!


Hi Aaron!
As it turns out, I have built many PFCs. A week after I made that post in Feb. 2017, I joined the OpenAg lab.

I have two suggestions for you:

  1. The “MVP” listed elsewhere on this forum is low cost, can grow plants, and has some great community support.

  2. If you are not in a hurry, we will be making a big announcement in mid October about the next PFC specifically designed for education.

The PFC v2.1 has some parts that are hard to source and are expensive. If you just want a template for building / hacking your own device based on it, then go for it. Just beware that there is no support from my OpenAg team for it (and not much from the community), since we have moved on to a new, better, more reliable architecture.

Please let me know which way you decide to go.


Wow! Now THIS is cool! I would like to hear and talk more about this probiotic soil approach. This is new to me, but sound like an awesome way to go.

The hydroponic stuff is interesting, but overall I’m still more interested in soil at this point for growing my stuff, and often feel like the odd guy out here on the forum. So i’m very interested in discussing this more if you’d care to create a new thread on the subject.

Have you found that well aerated soil with a good probiotic community can rival the speed of growth often attributed to hydroponic growing? Even if speed is not as good i know that some plant species have evolved complex relationships with fungi and bacteria that just isn’t present in soil-less environments.



You are not alone @BioLumo and @Filament . I’m practising with hydroponics but I prefer soil. I’m using a mix composed of compost worm, coconut coir and perlite, inspired by the “Mel’s mix” (extracted of “square meter method”).

I will add seacrop and biofertilisers. I’m member of regenerative agriculture groups here in Spain and some mates produce at low scale these products.

I agree with that idea!



Agreed! That Sounds great, kindly name one and I’ll happily join


I don’t like to minimize the benefits of hydroponics for applications.
I also see comparable to improved results in most measures with balanced probiotic soil techniques.


Since I’ve yet to split test hydro vs soil speed of growth (relative day’s in vegetative? time to flower?) I don’t have data (yet) to share that suggests either has a speed of growth advantage.


Is there anybody here from Vietnam or related to Vietnam? I’m living in Hanoi by the way. Hello to everyone, future farmers hoooooohoooo!


i have the opencv analyzing ideas too, hope to see your updates


This post is so old, My OpenCV projects continue now.
My recent result with OpenCV include above links : OpenAG in South Korea

If you can fine to share with your idea to me, I would be happy! I integrate Canny-Edge/K-Means(Color Quantization)/Find Contour / Color Histogram is where is my place.


How about leaf size and/or health? Root mass? I guess what I’m really saying is, come back and share any data you gather as I’m interested in following your progress. Sounds interesting.


WIll do! I don’t see a comparative leaf size / health study comparing hydro to soil but I get your drift. The best way to share real data will be to build out additional monitors within the same room and publish that data. Can anyone point me to the thread discussing hardware?

Cheers in advance



@BioLumo, while I’ve performed petiole, leaf size and biomass studies on some adjunct work (nitrogen’s influence at vegetation stage) what matters in the cannabis space is post-cure (dry) yield weight as well as terpene and cannabinoid count.


Hi Vitor,

To answer one of your questions, I would definitely appreciate to be able to follow your project on a separate thread or blog and learn from your experience. I’m part of team currently designing a an educational project revolving around a botanical garden in Bucharest, Romania. We aim to show classical methods for growing plants and automatised alternatives (in an open environment - an affordable version of a Farm Bot - and in controlled environments - the Personal Food Computer). We will also build a mobile lab (with DIY hobby-grade research equipment built from 3D printed parts & development board like Arduino and Raspberry Pi) which we can take with us to different locations where we will organise workshops (schools in the urban and rural areas).

I think there can be many creative ways in which we can use this technology to teach something we believe should be transmitted to the younger generations. Having a place where we (the not for profit enterprises) all present our own view and implementation and then track our progress & results could help future similar projects when requesting funding and during the design phase. For example, I’ve done a LOT of research now to convince myself and my team that the PFC is a good idea for our project. It would have been nice to find the pros and cons aggregated somewhere by a previous ‘me’ who already implemented this.

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Hi everybody,
I am building my Food Computer 3.0 in Zurich, Switzerland


Hello everyone,

I’m working in ICProc Lab in ITB Indonesia and with some professors we are planning to build PFC customized for soybeans. Our project is still waiting approval and most likely we will start in January 2019. In the mean time I’m going to learn as much as possible from this forum.

Where: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
When: Most likely January 2019
Follow: tba later

Mukhtar Amin


Hi @mukhtaramin light_smile:
Its nice to know that some bandung friends want to get involved in this

Btw, im from bandung too, ive been trying to build the pfc 3.0 since the project started, done some research here and there.

So maybe we can have some discussion about this project


Hi there @Geosgaen0 :smile: Thank you very much for the reply!
How wonderful! I’ve always wanted to know if there are already people doing this in Indonesia.

Absolutely! One of the aim of our project is to foster the development of PFC and Open Agriculture community in Indonesia. I’d love to have further discussions with you about this project.

Since you’re from Bandung does that mean you are currently in Bandung? I’d also love to hear about your project and your progress on building PFC 3.0. Is it possible to perhaps meet up? If not communicating online like this is fine too.

Mukhtar Amin