Where are you building your Food Computer?


Yes im currently resides in bandung. Yes of course, we can meet up. Shot me an email at allgenx@yahoo.com for this. For the PFC 3.0, im still waiting from the development team, the wiring of the LED lights But yeah, we can always discuss about this project. How about yours?



That’s great! I’ll definitely send you an email (mine is mukhtaraminamin@gmail.com). We will begin our project as soon as we receive approval and grants which may be cleared around January 2019. I’d like to get started early learning about the technical aspects especially the data flow and communication system.

Ours will be a joint project between School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics and School of Life Sciences and Technology. In the first phase the PFC will be customized for soybean and then hopefully it can be recustomized for high values plants like some varieties of tobacco.

We are going to begin by building one unit. Then we will consider whether we should scale it up to bigger size or build multiple other units. Scaling the PFCs for mass urban farming will be a challenge. Our project is supposedly open source so we will definitely share our information in one way or another. Regarding the meet up I’ll try sending you an email this afternoon.

Mukhtar Amin


hey guys! im an ohio high schooler looking to start building a food computer and would love any guidance


Hi Rob!

We’ve been having a difficult time trying to figure out how to actually build the PFC 2.0. We ordered the parts from the Ordering BOM, but the instructions say that we need items from the Kit BOM as well, something we don’t know how to get. What’s next?

Also, that mustache is totally rad.



Hey everyone! My teenage daughter dragged me kicking and screaming into the world of growing things, and now I’m hooked! I didn’t like dirt to begin with, or growing things only to fail, so building a Food Computer could not be a more perfect project for my daughter and I to do :slight_smile:

I’m going to try and chronicle our journey from today to harvesting our first plant. Thank you to everyone who has made OpenAG a reality!



I am building Food Computer / Food Server in Turkey / İstanbul


You can add Turkey :slight_smile:


The Arizona Sustainability Alliance is building two for a local high school in Glendale Arizona.