Where are you building your Food Computer?


Building mine in Austin Texas!


Building mine in Brussels. Was able to run the gro_api server so far.


Where: La Hulpe, Belgium
When: 3/1/2016

Just finish a first one in Belgium.
Planting now.


Waw. That was quick. I am located in Bierges close to Brussels. Can you show me yours next week ? I have the server running (but no recipes in) and all the IT parts up and running, waiting to finalize the assembly.


Yep, If you want you can stop by, I am in La Hulpe.


Wonderfull. Can it be Tuesday 26 2pm in La Hulpe ? Where ?


Lets talk over the phone tomorrow,
I am working close to Lille during the week. so day visit to the FC will be difficult.


ok will call you tomorrow


Hi Kent! How’s your build coming along? I’m in Calgary as well and was interested in seeing what’s being done. Not sure if I’m going to jump on a build or wait for version 2.


Hey Adam

I’m actually out of the city right now so nothing hands on yet! I’ll keep you posted though - additionally, if you want to help out with the construction, we can coordinate


Let’s connect when you’re back and I can see where I can fit into your team.


Hi all, my son Pau (5th grader) and I are building the Food Computer in Washington DC. We started three weeks ago, have passion for the project and look forward to contributing with digital recipes in the next future.

Planning to share our project in a blog. In the meantime we are posting our progress in Instagram (@antadesaa, @antarobotics).

Rafael and Pau Anta, Washington DC


Hi Everyone,

My name is Zul Kazani and I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Got inspired by Caleb’s Ted Talk and very glad to meet you, and look forward to my interactions with you during my PFC build.

Cheers and warm regards,


Good day GreenFabLab,

I too am working to combine OpenAG with Aquaponics. Here is a picture of the idea. Can we discuss our mutual interests in more detail.

Jon Barber
North Carolina, U.S.A.


Building a Food Computer in Santa Clara, California. We have 3 people interested. Anyone else in the Silicon Valley area?


Hi there!

I’m completely clueless how I will do this, but will attempt to build one in Seoul, South Korea… and another one in Ottawa, Canada. If anyone offers help, that’d be amazing haha




I 'm Santi from Argentina, and I started to build it last Friday. Keep doing this great job. Cheers !


Where: Minsk, n/a, Belarus
When: 9/9/2016
Follow: vegarium.net

“When” is pointing to the date in future as I decided to wait till V2 specs will be available.


hey everyone! thrilled to have a place to share ideas, inputs ,grow and learn a lot .
I’m building my food computer in India & i hope to learn a ton from all the amazing people here. looking forward to sharing my build progress soon


Schurz Public High School, Chicago.