Where are you building your Food Computer?



Hey nerdfarmers!

Now living just North of San Francisco.

I was previously a researcher at OpenAG, on the team that open sourced the V1. Still gonna be growing and hacking and active on the forum. I’ll be perusing, looking for questions on hardware and growing to answer :slight_smile:


Hey Camille! @Jon is working on some greenhouse/STEM education stuff- thought you might be able to chat AgEd. I’ll be hacking the FC with some high salinity aquaponics and letting some classrooms get crazy with them so would love to stay in the loop as well!


I am a chemistry/environmental science/biology teacher at a school for science and technology in Roanoke, VA. We are building a food computer at (http://www.rvgs.k12.va.us).


That is awesome!
I see the message board he started now. Thanks for pointing out.


Hey everyone building a FC in Memphis, TN!


@Itchurch welcome aboard


Hi All,
I am currently in Shanghai and Shenzhen.Building up a community focus on “the future of food”.Will have a space in the center of Shanghai near Jingan Temple.
I will build up one in Shanghai,China : )
BTW,if anyone want to visit Shenzhen to get some parts or factory connections.I think I could help you.


@KevinLau, the pH and EC sensors used in the V1 are not the best. There are not many “low-end” market sensors in this area that can be continuously submerged or monitored. If you have connections to any sensor vendors in this area, that is one area the MIT team is looking for improvements at lower costs.


Completed mine in Sacramento, CA and have two crops behind me. Working on a production version of the food computer at www.plantcubed.com.


Greetings also from Washington DC! I am posting weekly videos of the build: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1RVxJ0r3GmAH_VrPUOLCqxz3xY1URTHo Good luck to you guys!


Hi guys,
I’ve just finished building a PFC in Brazil with some friends. We had to adapt it a little, because some parts are not availabe here.
Soon I’ll be posting some pictures of our build!


@thomas how did you get to the screen you posted?


Hey Adrian,

I’m building one in San Francisco also. We should grab a beverage sometime.


Hi, 3 of us building together in Wellington, New Zealand to put together a v1 food computer as close to the instructions as possible with NZ sourced components. We’re open sourcing our fork of the GitHub repo which will have a Kiwi BOM and any changes we needed to make to the instructions as a result to put it together. We’re still in the sourcing materials stage but once we get in to build I’ll put up a Build Post for anyone interested. Thanks everyone for all the useful tips and pointers already on the forum!


@KiwiRay Wonderful! Could you ping me when you publish on GH? I’m collecting a list of open source Food Computer hacks, derivatives and builds.


@gordonb: Absolutely, will do.


Hi Everybody,

I’m a member of a not for profit Hackerspace organisation called Bridge Rectifier, based in Hebden Bridge, UK.

We are going to build a PFC but have decided to wait until version 2.0 is released before we start our build.

I am personally very interested in the energy side of all this and our project will be looking at the viability of using renewable energy to power our food computer.

Hebden Bridge is situated in the Pennine Hills and we are hoping to find a way to use hydro energy, just like the old textile mills used to in the 19th century.

Can’t wait to get started!

Rob :smile:


Namste (Hey) , Greetings from Delhi, India. We are making a Food computer in this summers. My college is funding the whole project as it could be of great use here coz most of us are vegetarians here. Very excited…!!


I reside in South Korea, and I’m a hydroponic farmer. I’m currently in the very early stages of designing and building a 150 square meter plant factory (indoor vertical farming), along with 3 business partners who are Korean. I plan on sharing the idea of building this food computer, since I think it will be of interest to them.

Component purchase to build the PFC