Where are you building your Food Computer?


Hi everyone, I’m building a food computer in the UK, which I’m naming the, * WILDCARD * Creator Organeec. I’ve already built a rep-strap 3D printer from 2D printers, a scanner bed and an old PC box, which, using my artist name, " MisterBurnley.com ", I exhibited as a readymade named the, * WILDCARD * Creator. For this build/art work I’m intending using a discarded fridge ( readymade, Marcel Duchamp. ) as the gro-box environment in place of V1, V2 designs for the grow-box. |At the moment I am in the process of ordering equipment and aquiring a, ’ dead fridge ', as soon as I do I aim to document it’s transformation.

Where: Easington,Loftus,Saltburn-By-The-Sea, England.
When : May 2016
Follow: www.MisterBurnley.com


HEY!!! Im going to be in Barcelona next weeK! can i come by and say hello? send me an email calebh@media.mit.edu


Ahai from far away Taiwan …

Just finished participating Maker Faire Taipei 2016 , and someone tells me about this great project…I am very exciting that some people doing this project and such organized!

I am doing a tiny “Greenhouse” in an Arduino Compatible WIFI SOC named “Realtek Ameba” that a semiconductor company in Taiwan helped me to do this one.

Just start up a few months ago , will be open source too…

here goes the photo…

But I am planting my loved succulents …lol


New Food Computer Wiki!

Impressive work you have done there! Looking forward to seeing your next iterations!


Hey everyone! It would be really helpful that we follow a similar protocol in each new post (*and maybe revise old post)

Where: Boston, MA, USA (city, state, country)
When: 5/9/2016 (when did you begin)
Follow: (links to any blogs, twitter, instagram, websites, pictures associated with your build)

we are going to try to build a little utility to map this information :slight_smile:


I´m from Argentina too and planning to start building one as soon as possible!

@Santi: I´d like to be in contact in order to share local experience. How can we share contact info?



I am based in Zurich, Switzerland. Looking forward to some Food Computer or IOT farm/food related solutions


Anyone from Bangalore doing this?


Where: Shrewsbury, MA, USA
When: 4/8/2016
Follow: http://jsinykin.blogspot.com


Hi everyone,

I’m planning my food computer build and am living in Sydney, Australia. Its awesome to see so many folks interested in getting involved and building at the same time. This will be fun!

Where: Sydney, NSW, Australia
When: 5/10/2016
Follow: https://foodcomputing.blogspot.com



Singapore - 1st post to forum, it is great to be here. Oddly enough I need air cooling and not heating…lol. This PFC may well be the answer to the food scarcity/security issues plaguing our world. Even more far reaching is the automated abundance this can create in the face of declining economic growth, increasing unemployment due to related disruptive technologies, wide spread corruption, extreme resource inequity(60 people in the world own 50% of the wealth/resources).

We need a new socioeconomic model one that ameliorates crime, corruption, poverty, environmental degradation & war by giving people, not jobs, but access to life’s necessities, free of debt. One that foster collaboration and not competition. Yeah, I’ll come clean I’m a Zeitgeister & Venus Project advocate… and this food computer has the promise to help transistion our societies towards what is popularly referred to as a Resource Based Economy.


Hi Everybody,

Good to see that a lot of people are building food computers. Hoping to get a lot of inspiration/idea’s from this forum and to help people out whenever I can.

Where: Leidschendam, ZH, Netherlands
When: 5/6/2016


We are starting a PFC project @ Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. I’m a Professor in Computing Sciences & Information Technology. Saw Caleb Harper speak at a conference in April and have been semi-obsessed with building a PFC ever since. The Sustainability group at my college is funding this project, and many students will be involved. Really looking forward to this journey.


Where: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
When: 5/18/2016
Follow: https://hackaday.io/project/11748-mcx-food-computer
It’s not a traditional PFC. Lower cost and suitability for manufacturing were priorities


Hey Cameron,

I’m also in Austin and was wondering if you have your PFC working? I’m going to be moving out of Austin soon but, I’m interested in building one once I move. I’d like to see one in action or discuss your build.


Hi, lived in Marsden till about 18 months ago, wish I’d got plugged in to your group then. Here on Boulby Cliff just above Staithes on the North Yorkshire Coast not much Hacking going on. I thought I’d try using a fridge as the gro-box environment as they are already insulated so I’m slowly getting bits together. My website is www.MisterBurnley.com if you’d like to see where I’m up to.


hi fran, just click on my name and send me a message. Sorry for the delay was on vacations



Where: Dundee, Scotland
When: 23rd May 2016 (or some time soon after)

Hoping/aiming to adapt a simplified version to minimise power consumption.


Hi all,

I am located in Melbourne Australia. Looking forward to building one.


Supporting the community out of Bern, Switzerland :slight_smile: