Where are you building your Food Computer?


Just getting started from Berlin, Germany!


I’ve started yesterday with my son Levi at Hallaar in Belgium :slight_smile:


I am also in ZH, would be interesting to connect with a local.


Bern City right here :wink:


My son Pau (10yo) and myself:

Where: Washington, DC, USA
When: 3/15/2016
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Metro-Detroit area in Michigan!


West Palm Beach, Florida


Greetings from Breckenridge, Colorado.


@Santi @frandagostino Hola! también de Argentina, planificando construir una. Les escribo por privado para compartir experiencias.


Hey Devvrat

It is nice to know that you are building this here in Delhi.

I am an entrepreneur and mechanical engineering grad from ISM Dhanbad based out of Delhi. I am really enthused about the project and would love to witness the computer in making.

Let me know how I can contribute to this.


Citizens for Clean Energy is a Boulder Colorado Based 501©(3). We are interested in building food computers and food servers here in Boulder, Colorado and would like to start with Version 2.0 PFC and jump ASAP to a Food Server scale.

We have a public Maker Space in Boulder, BLDG61 with laser cutter, shop
bots, 3d printers etc that is interested in collaborating. We hope to get a feel for where 2.0 is going, and figure out the best way to collaborate to get the Food Server ball rolling here in Colorado. We also have a 320 square foot R&D Greenhouse that would be a great candidate for
hacking our first Food Server.

We have a couple of schools that we have worked with that have already invested in greenhouses and educational aquaponic systems that we can work with on the initial builds.

Steve Heising


Hi - My son and I will be building v2.0 when the build specs are available. After reading many posts about lessons learned it sounds like 2.0 will be more streamlined with better sensors.

This project has all of the elements we can’t wait to dig into. Electronics, PCB circuitry, soldering, sensor interfaces, chemistry, photometrics and of course growing stuff. It will be my first time working with Raspberry Pi. I’m very interested in capturing the data from my PFC and building analytics on tops of that data.

Where: Loganville, GA
When: 9/1/2016 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Follow: tbd


Hi Kevin,

I am excited to find out you are building a computer farm in ShangHai! Have you finished the project or it is still in process?

I am based in Wuhan, could I come to visit your company and have a look of this farm project?



Building in Nicaragua


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Abhishek Jadimath. A student from India. Just got my Motherboard components. I have been following the forum and collecting info for while now. Will be starting today with the motherboard assembly :slight_smile:

Place: Mysore, Karnataka state, India.
Date: 30/07/2016


Hello Mabuhay!!!

Where: Makati / Philippines
When: June 2016

Me and a friend is building an FC,currently waiting for our ordered items to arrived.
We will create a blog/site to update you of our build process.


Hi there, I’m in Perth.


hey devvrat, that’s awesome.

I plan to use a food computer, as I can’t build one due to time constraints.
I am actually working on research on “prediction mechanism for identifying rotting of food”. We could work together on something more advanced.
And I am based out of delhi too. Let’s connect at aman.gg23@gmail.com


Sorry, its been a month late reply and thanks for a response. We are slightly off the schedule due to some funding problem and i think we ll start making it in the September and might complete till December. I will let you know when we kickstart it. Lets have further convo on dev2.arya@gmail.com. Linkedin


Hello Caleb … I am rohit borana staying in Pune. Basically from Marathwada Maharashtra India a drought area. I want to build one. But I am a new farmer and also am not a computer geek. How do I start building one pleaSe help