Where are you building your Food Computer?


Hi Kevin,

Are you planning to use your Jing’an location for hacking, office, production? I’m curious to hear about your developments in SH. Might be cool to swing by. Did you start building yet?


plan to build it in Taiwan.


Where: St. Louis, Missouri
When: PFC - Current, Food Server in Design


Hello all!

Great project. Many thanks to @Caleb and the others at MIT.
Great to see so many people building - all over the world.
Recently started info gathering and material sourcing (identifying what we have in our stockpiles).
We are a small hackerspace in a rural area of Denmark.
We await v2.0 before building.

Possibly do some hacks:

  1. Looking for alternatives to all the plastic parts
  2. Lights hack #1 - possible to lower/raise them, depending on plant height; to maximize light intensity.
  3. Lights hack #2 - lights need different wavelengths throughout their lifecycle; therefore the wavelength must be controlled.
  4. Nutrition hack - plants need 16 nutritiants. With fixed fertilizer mixes, it will be difficult to develop the optimal recipe. Maybe it is possible to have a more “atomized” approach, mixing from several bottles before vaporizing.
  5. Divide hack - since plants need different humidity, nutrition and light wavelengths, both between species and within their lifecycle, a division system could be interesting. Thinking about 4 chambers. Light needs to be on all the time, but measurements and feed does not be contnous (I assume). Separate lighting but valves to control which chamber to feed. Maybe some shared sensors (rotation system?)

Where: Fjerritslev, Jammerbugt, Denmark
When: 2016-09-27
Follow: tbd

kind regards
Øyvind Strøm


Hello all,

I’m a mechanical engineer, I’ve built an aquaponic experiment 8 month ago, which is gradually being converted to something closely related to a PFC (full automation, air control, etc).
Currently very interested by the Rpi and UI, and how I’ll fit all the parts of the puzzle together.

Where: Gatineau, Qc, Canada



Hi Everyone,

I’ve joined recently and intend to build a food computer in Mumbai. Caleb, would you be passing through Mumbai or any meet ups on food computers here?

Would be great to know.


Also in Baiting Hollow New York (wine country)


Deepest Chicago. Not started yet BUT getting there. VERY excited.


Caribou, Maine - “The Most Northeastern City in the USA”.

After growing my first “analog” garden this year with impressive results, I’m ready to step up my game and grow year 'round in a PFC. My Pi is running docker, my Mega is blinking away, and I’m prepping/saving to order my sensors. Lets get farming nerds!


Japan Kanagawa.
I am just starting, now main brain in pi is woking.

Some sensors can’t get in this country,
I should consider about item list.

Curious point is ,
Some company try to build factory up in japan,
But after in 2 - 4 year it broken.
There are some risk.
I am just touch surface information,
Plants sick, energy cost, human cost.
I keep observing .


I really like what you are doing, I subscribed to your channel long time ago you are really funny ;p , hope you are doing great ^^ keep it up


Where: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
When: Still starting today hopefully 21 - November - 2016

Best regards, ^^


Hello everyone! I am building my personal food computer in Hong Kong.

I am still studying v2’s BOM. Hopefully I can start building next month!


Hey Posepa! I am also in the same area- are you still working on a food computer?


Yes, I plan to build a version 2.0 food computer in my garage in Santa Clara. The software for 2.0 became available this month, but I believe the hardware specification is not yet published. Hopefully I will be able to start in January. Once I start building, I would like to form a local group like this one: https://www.meetup.com/urbanagtech/ . Adrian Lu’s food computer is the only one which I have seen so far.
If we start a local interest group, a conference room at my company could also be used.


Hey there! I’m in the Toronto area and saw you speak @Caleb at Summit At Sea. I haven’t stop telling people about it since! I’ve ordered all the sourced parts on the BOM 2.0 list. Can’t figure out how to source the GE lighting and looking forward to the sourcing for the frame. At this point tinkering with the Pi and the Arduino board while I wait for gear to arrive.

Working on the project with my Dad who was a farmer in his youth.


Hi Mike! Brand new to this project and saw you on here. I’m in Vail. Are you still working on this? Would love to check it out and/or help out!



I was working on a business plan for a large scale grow operation near
Breckenridge that would have included Food Computers. Unfortunately, the
financing did not materialize. The project is on indefinite hold.

All the best,



Hi Paul, Thank you for your message! Not sure if my message on LinkedIn went through. I think starting a local interest group would be a great idea- I am sure that there would be students on campus who would also be interested in getting involved. There are conference spaces on campus that I could definitely book in advance and we could meet there! Do you currently have other people who are interested in starting a local group like the link you shared above? If we wanted to start an interest group, I could reach out to the students on campus to see who might want to get involved.


Hi Isabelle,

The personal food computer 2.0 beta version parts list with build video is planned for release at the end of December.

I’ll contact you after the holidays once I have reviewed it. My goal is to have all the parts and software assembled in January. Perhaps we can kickoff an interest group meeting at that time?
I have met more than a dozen people interested, but that was at an UrbanAg meeting in SF. There is no similar group in the South Bay that I am aware of.