Where are you building your Food Computer?


Barcelona, Spain
Copenhagen, Denmark


Hi Paul,

That sounds great- I am looking forward to the new release as well. Definitely keep me posted when you have the parts and software assembled in January! Having a kick off then would be a good time. I can reach out to students on campus and in the area.

I will be heading back to the East Coast for winter break and will try to stop by the MIT Media Lab while I am there- I will keep you posted if I am able to visit and find out more details.

Thank you and have a good rest of the week! I look forward to being in touch soon.


@gordonb @Caleb I am planning to build my first Food Computer from Stockholm. I am quite new into the Community. Any rough estimate on the price of the total system (v1.0 or v2.0)?


Here from Buenos Aires making Hydroponic Led Automatic IoT agriculture. Hi everyone!


Hi Karl: this looks cool !:+1: Is it an old refrigerator ?? Please send more details and your specific experience with the various components…


Yes is an old refrigerator called Siam from 50’s. On this link http://www.instructables.com/id/Automated-hydroponic-led-indoor/ you will find a detailed explanation from my automatic farm.


Hey Caleb, my associates and I are absolutely fascinated with what y’all are doing at the Media Lab! A new NPO I help run has made creating a PFC our first project.
Our aim is to provide practical and marketable life skills to students in an experiential and hands-on manner so we thought this would be a great way to go about achieving said mission.
Some of our supporters at in-state universities are wanting to help us create a statewide school program that will put a PFC in each school in the state of Arkansas, so we are currently working toward that end. All credit goes to you and your group, and we hope we can be a successful part of this initiative!


Hi, we are planning to build a FoodComputer 2.0 in Pamplona, North of Spain. Starting in January.


hey there peperoni, I’m also based in the Netherlands and interested in building FC2 (or rather a modification for space research). Can we connect? My email is thieme [at] hennis [punt] nl


I am starting to learn how to build one. I live in Bangkok, Thailand and has some connections with farmers in the rural part of the country! Excited to explore some possibility of rare tropical fruits and plants recipes!


Hi all!

I’m building a Food Computer in Baltimore, Maryland (USA)!

Anyone else in Maryland or the US Mid-Atlantic region?



I want to introduce myself - my name is Paula and I am new to the team at OpenAg. While it is only my first week, I already have a small favor to ask.

We want to get a better idea of where you are building your Personal Food Computer and what your experience has been so far. We have created a very short survey to assess this, and I hope you can help by filling it out.

The results will guide our work and will also be documented in a paper we are submitting to the Robotics: Science and Systems Conference here at MIT.
Please follow this link to take the survey - PFC User Survey. The survey will close at 5pm on January 27th.

Thanks so much for your help, and if you have any questions for me, send them my way!



Greetings from Lahti, Finland!

our team is planning to build our own food computer for our student project.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Naveen and I live in Mumbai, India. I am an entrepreneur, software engineer and a hardware hobbyist. A friend who has an Agtech startup introduced me to food computer and i was immediately excited with the concept and decided to build one for myself. Looking forward to actively participate and contribute to the community.



Hey All! Been following this project for about 8 months waiting for the V2.0. Planning to get some friends together here at Western University in London, Ontario to work on this project. Super excited!

Building a PFC in NE London UK

Hey gang,

I’m a graduate student in the North Carolina Triangle area interested in building a PFC2 this semester. Securing funds is my biggest issue though. Are there any other students around me who’d be interested in collaborating?



I am a graduate student building a PFC also. I am in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So far the most difficult issue has been sourcing the materials. I’ve not started construction yet as I haven’t got all the parts. I anticipate to begin sometime next week. I ordered many things from outside of the country but slowly I’ve discovered channels to source them here.



Congratulations on your build, about how much does it cost?


Thanks @alienmoonbase. The v1.0 build was about $1500 for materials. Then I spent nights and weekends building it for about seven months in time. I think it was about 200 hours if I recall correctly. I was working on it alone though. So, if you grab a few maker friends I don’t think it would take as long with the division of labor.


Hey folks,

I am from Europe, Slovakia. Building currently PFC v1 together with one friend here. We are almost done except few cosmetic things and mainly that rasberry pi and GRO-UI does not want to cooperate properly. Anyway, once we are done with version 1, we would like to carry on with version 2.