Where are you building your Food Computer?


Hello #nerdfarmers! After dabbling in hydroponics in my Brooklyn, New York apartment with the help of my wife, five year old son and three year old daughter, I stumbled across your website. As a techie, I can’t wait to combine my two loves – gardening and technology. Looking forward to learning and growing with this community!


HELLO! This thread is by far our most vibrant in the community! As you know we recently launched a non profit to help the community grow and I (we) need your help!

I just opened a thread in the community forum titled “URGENT Open CALL! We need Nerd Farmer stories ASAP”

Please check it out and upload a 30 second to 1 minute clip to youtube telling your story. It can be serious, scientific, funny, hacky, entreprenurial or wacky anything you want (@MonkeyMan_TV is a great inspiration of course :slight_smile: ) Your video will be featured on the non profit website AND shared with potential donors to the non profit. All instructions are in the thread. Please take the time, it means a lot.



Hello everyone. I’m in Hingham, Massachusetts (not far from Boston). I’m starting to get the parts I need to build a PFC 2.0.

-Rob Baynes 2017-02-03


Hello from Estonia! Has anybody tried to modify the PFC to use aeroponics?


Hola Santi ! que haces, como te fue con el armado ? estoy interesado en meterme en este tema. Podrías decir por donde empezar o compartir tu experiencia. Desde ya muchas Gracias !!


Hola Santi, soy Pablo Peloc (también de Argentina) queria saber si vos sos de la Pampa ya que estuve averiguando y ahi se encuentra una de las Farm Nerd. Espero tu respuesta desde ya muchas gracias!! Abrazo!


Hi, I’m building food computer from Miami


Hi guys!

I’m starting this adventure with a friend here in Zaragoza, Spain. Super excited!


Dear all,

My friends and I are building the food computer in Singapore since Dec 2016!

Where: Jalan Lokam, Singapore

Hope to see our location pin up on the maps :grin:

Will be posting up more details on our build journey soon.

If there are anyone else building one in Singapore, let’s connect!



Hi all
the video about this topic:

beautiful name


Building FC2 from Wrocław, Poland. All the best!


Hi there,

Would like to meet since I’m from Bangalore and interested openag


Hi @gauravc,

Would like to meet if your from Bangalore, I’m interested in PFC


Hi @dev2.arya

Where do I follow your work, happy know India is in it :+1:


Hi @AbhishekJadimath

I Deepak from Bangalore happy to look at your work and get inspired, I stay in Bangalore is there chance of meeting?

Deepak B N



Thats where we all are!!! 41 Countries now


I’m building a food computer at New York University. Anyone from New York here? I’d love to catch up!
I’m currently growing spinach and lettuce with a few sensors and an arduino with my custom code, as I’m not fluent with RPi. I’m also experimenting with slightly different techniques to play around with temperature and CO2. It’s only been a couple of weeks, and I can already see significant differences between same batch of seedlings growing in my PFC vs growing in soil. Super excited!


There are 2 marks Korea Peninsula in the Map!
May I know someone from North Korea??



Good morning. We are interested in buidling a (several)PFC2 and would contribute all the necessary funds to make that happen. Do you have any interest in working with us? We are not mechanically inclined. We would supply the capital and your team would be the assembly/mfg. team.

Thank you,