Where can I get/purchase a Food Computer for software development?


I don’t have time or resources to build a Food Computer, but I would really love to primarily experiment with the software. Are there any pre-built options out there or even kits that can get me up and running quickly?


Can you give a bit more background about which designs you’re interested in and what your goals are?


  1. So far, the hardware people have been describing as Food Computers is basically just DIY DWC hydro with some sensors and actuators. From what I see on the forum, most builds are custom. It’s not like there’s a standard manufactured hardware platform to code against. But, that may be changing (see point 3 below)

  2. If you’ve heard about the MIT PFC v1.0, v2.0, or v2.1 designs, those are now deprecated and unsupported. People who try to build them have reported serious problems.

  3. If you’re after the official MIT stuff, Rob (@rbaynes) has said they will be announcing a new set of designs later this month. From the hints they’ve been dropping, it seems like the goal is to have manufactured kits that people can buy so that it’s easier to get up and running quickly. They’ve said they’re trying to fix the problems people have had with building PFCs in the past. [edit: Also, there’s supposed to be a whole new software stack and cloud back end to go with these designs. See Google Data Solutions for Change OpenAg page]

  4. If you’re after a pre-built MVP design, talk to @Webb.Peter.

  5. I don’t know any details about this, but it was announced here recently: Introducing: GrowStrip by Grow Computer


Thanks @wsnook for the note!

The GrowComputer is a collaboration between myself and @iancollmceachern who runs the site OpenAgricultureSupply.com, and has been selling kits with all of the proper components for building out a PFC 2.0. According to him, he has sold about a dozen kits for ~$5,000, and to this point NO ONE has been able to build out the device because of the amazing complexity and software challenges.

We connected to build Grow Computer to make it 100% easy to do the amazing science of OpenAg, however on our customer-friendly and plug and play platform right out of the box! Additionally, our cost of $450 is more affordable and accessbile than any other platform out there.

I would love to explain further about what we are doing with Grow Computer! Feel free to reach out to me at dan@growcomputer.com!!



In addition to Grow Computer, you might also take a look at +Farm (plus.farm) by Agritecture, a simple guide to building DWC, NFT, and bucket systems.


Thank you @wsnook I appreciate the detailed list of options. I’m going to dib into 3, 4, and 5 and see where it leads me.