Where to find "Grove Cables"


Hi. Just getting started here. I wonder if you can help. The BOM spreadsheet lists “Grove Cables” and suggests buying an assortment of cables of varying lengths.

But, the page linked to in the BOM doesn’t show any cables:


I tried searching for “Grove Cables” on the Seed Studio site. No luck.

Any suggestions?




Hi @gederer ,

Maybe the link has changed :slight_smile:
But they mean this :slight_smile:

Also you need some of these :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.


In addition to the cables linked to in a previous post you may find a use for the following type of cable also:


Thanks, @silversson and @ferguman!

SeedStudio is out of Grove cables. I found some at http://www.studica.com/ in case anyone else is looking.


I ordered mine from AliExpress. Price was $2.30 + $2.09 shipping(I’m posting the prices because they have the tendency of increasing the prices all of a sudden… )