Which BOM Spreadsheet to follow?


I have just got started with ordering parts to build FC 2.0 . I have come across two spreadsheets on google drive, Spreadsheet 1 and Spreadsheet 2

Is there any difference between these two sheets ?


Hey @physiz, you should be using Spreadsheet 1, Spreadsheet 2 is an older version


Hi Jake,

Thanks for the reply.


@physiz Could you send me the link from GitHub that you used to download the BOM Master? I am having trouble with the download. Did you the costs of each component on your own or that is how you found it?




@al_payi I found the BOM master in the documentation or from forums, I will update when i find the link. The gihub BOM master is similar to spreadsheet 1 which you can check from here. The costs were already in the sheet, I did not put the costs.


@physiz thanks for the info. My issue is that when i download from GitHub I find the excel without the costs and I don’t know whether i have some issue or it is just that the repository there doesn’t contain the numbers yet.

Where do you find the complete Google Drive folder for these docs?



If you go to github and download the latest directory you will get all the current files (https://github.com/OpenAgInitiative/openag_pfc2)

I got confused too as there are multiple versions of the docs with the same name so if you are not in the right directory you may be pulling an old file. Below is the google doc. I just ordered all of the items. I believe there was only a couple where the source was out of stock and I had to find it somewhere else. The BOM is put together really well!


@Mark thank you so much for the info :slight_smile: Does the total cost correspond to 2900 USD or did you manage to reduce it?


They clearly did some shopping around because I could not find really anything that was cheaper. In fact from previous versions of the BOM’s I’ve noticed they have changed the source to a cheaper supplier. I’m in Canada but am buying almost all of it in the U.S. as it is significantly cheaper. Actually the one item I did find cheaper between Canada and the U.S. were the cameras. On .com they were $99 USD. On .ca they were $50 USD.


@Mark as I saw from previous posts there are some items that are bought in bulk but only 1 or 2 are needed and then the price is reduced down quite a lot. Have you just bought everything? I was thinking from previous docs that the total cost would be around 1000 USD…

Thanks for the quick feedback


If you don’t choose the bulk version and buy units matching the exact count, it’s more expensive. I’ve noticed the quality/fidelity of the sensors have gone up substantially as well as the overall build quality of the unit. Price has gone up with it. Think of it as something that you build for $3’ish thousand that would cost you $15K to buy if you could and you’ll feel much better! And all for a great cause! :slight_smile:


Hello Mark,

Thanks for the clear spread sheet for the BOM.

The first item on the sheet “FOAM PLANT RAFT” how many do I need?




Hi Motty,

I haven’t bought those yet. I am planning to buy a 3-pack instead of a 12 pack. See thread below.


Thanks! I’m getting started!