Who are you? Students at RCA conducting User Research


Hi everyone!

We’re looking to hear your story and what makes you a #nerdfarmer!

Mik, Johannes, and I are students in the Global Innovation Design master’s program jointly run by the Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London. Excuse the lofty title, we’re just interested in the intersection of design and engineering looking for opportunities with global impact.

Needless to say we’ve become quite enamored by the amazing work happening here at OpenAg, quite the love story actually, and it is this story along with all of yours that we’re hoping to hear more about. The videos uploaded thus far for the OpenAg Foundation donor effort have been very insightful, though we’d like to know more(!), ideally through a conversation if possible over video chat, email, or even in person if you happen to be around London.

All data will be made available to the OpenAg Foundation, and we’ll post any “findings” right here on the forum so you all can know more about who actually makes up this great community. Of course, we’re big fans of privacy so we won’t be sharing anything without your explicit consent.

Hope to hear from many of you!