Will food computers make us rich?


I found this article interesting…

The world’s wealthy elite has its origins in the first landowners to use oxen and horses, a global study has found …


Certainly nobody is going to get rich off of the yields from their Food Computer, it’s simply too small. IMO, it is made to be a tool to give us knowledge and information about plants, rather than to be the sole food provider of any home. However, when the tech/climate recipes/ideas are implemented on larger systems then the yields can become profitable (see Aerofarms, and all the shipping container farms). There’s also the possibility that in researching with your food computer you will come across new ideas for technologies that could become profitable.

In short: There are many “ripple effects” of the Food Computer and more broadly CEA that can and already have become profitable. But is anyone going to get rich off of the food computer in their basement? Probably not.


Potentially yes, if you can convert it into a commercial product that offers customers the convenience for growing value-added fresh greens at home. Something similar on the market for reference: Grobo (mainly for cannabis growing, more powerful and offers some degree of climate control), AeroGarden (cheap, simplistic, but functional).