Wiring diagram for PFC v2


I can’t find the wiring diagram in “How to Build and Run a PFC”.
I really want to know whether there is any proper wiring diagram for PFC v2 or v2.1.
I believe it is very effective for the biggner, like myself, to understand a PFC, to check it with BOMs privided, simulate the circuit with the necessary softwares to verify “own made PFC” step by step before building actual one.
If there is, please let me know.


Hi @nobuhiko417,

We created a wiring diagram that you can find here. It should be correct but let me know if you run into any issues and my team would be more than happy to help out.

Also, if you are feeling ambitious, I am sure the community would appreciate a more formal wiring diagram (i.e., taking the whiteboard wiring diagram and creating it in Eagle).



Thank you. I saw this white board and also next one which indicates how to connect the relay timer.
And then I found another wiring diagram drawn by Eagle which is provided as “Open AG Signals PC board” version 1 on Jul/2016. I try to figure out the relation of these three materials with BOM provided in “Getting Start”. However I’m not sure this BOM itself is the latest one or not.
There are some questions on the first white board since I cant see it clearly. Please let me know.

  1. Right top of the white board, I recognize MEGA 2560.
    What is the one underneath of it, marked (PR)?
  2. And what is the square mark just underneath of it?
  3. There is a material having number from K1 to K16…
    Is this a IC module, like SN754410?
  4. There is a table of “K, ???, Eqip. RMKs”
    What is “???” ?
    Thank you in advance.


@nobuhiko417 See responses in bold below.



Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your help.
I could understand the diagram of the first and second photograph of white board show the connections with equipment, like heaters, leds, pumps with relays of DC12V which are controlled by the commands of RPi through MEGA2650 and connections of switches to Rpi’s GIOP.
Question 1. There is a “Power Switch (PS)” at the left top. Which item of BOM is this?
Question 2. There is a “Power Entry” just underneath of PS. Is this “Roker switch DFDT 20A AC277V for panel mount”?
Question 3. There is a teminal of 24V. I guess this is the power for LEDs for grwing plants. But BOM does not indicate the source so I’m not sure of these specification.
Question 4. The third photograph of white board provided by JMarking shows the connection of “Relay Timer Switch”. Is this necessary? I don’t have any hardwerar yet except Rpi and MEGA 2650. I try to simulate the circuit with temporary test devices.