Would like to share information


My name is Kris Christopher I’m the owner of grownanny Incorporated here in Phoenix Arizona. Currently in development is a very similar product incorporating artificial intelligence microservices restful apis and wireless sensors to control greenhouses. I believe the single biggest aspect of this project to help it go more mainstream is an easier to use program interface. I have adopted a MERN stack Mongo Express react Redux nodejs. And I’m willing to give code AS open source to contribute to the community and helped further the cause of my business model. I think we’re all on the same side we want to feed people autonomously for Less so far I have a node package manager account at grownanny and a GitHub, also grownanny please contact me for any details at kris@grownannyinc.com

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Greetings Kris and welcome to the forums. Thanks for the transparency concerning your business affiliation. What part of your solutions are you looking to collaborate on? What parts of your project have you already shared? I could not find anything on your site relating to community collaboration. Your name and business results in zero hits on Git. I dig the creativity and opening intent, just trying to figure out where the potential overlaps are!