Wrong readings temp/hum sensor


I have been using my PFC for over 2 months now (manually, software is not running yet…) and I noticed all of a sudden a sharp drop in humidity readings (In the Arduino Serial Monitor). They were usually up and above 80% and now all of a sudden they came down to below 50%.
First I thought it was due to harvesting some (delicious !) basil (less leaves therefor less respiration). But now I checked with a reference meter which showed the same 80+ %…
Does someone have an explanation why the Grove temp/hum sensor all of a sudden gave wrong data ? Or someone ele who had a defect hem/temp sensor ??


Since my last post on the temp/hem sensor I have experienced 2 times a break down of this sensor. That made me wonder if it was me, doing something wrong, or is it just a low quality product ?
I asked around and one of my friends hinted me towards this web page where someone has gone through the effort of testing multiple humidity sensors. What first struck me is that he had the same quality issues that I had: they just stop working after some time.
My assumption is that this sensor is actually not fit for use beyond a certain humidity level. The humidity levels in the PFC, especially if the plants are having significant leaves is often above and beyond 85%. My guess is that this sensor is not fit for that environment.
Does someone else have similar experiences ?
Here is the link to the test of the different humidity sensors. humidity sensor shoot-out