Yield, Organic Fertilizers & Indian Climatic Conditions!



I and my friend (Srikanth) are a team of two engineers planning to build a PFC of our own, but suited to Indian conditions.

I have a few questions regarding the whole thing. Can anyone help me with them?

  1. What is the yield of various types of veggies grown in your PFC (We are planning to start off with leafy vegetables)
  2. We plan to use organic fertilizers only and are planning to experiment and gather relevant data (we will publish it online).
  3. We are choosing crops that can be grown in our ambient temperature conditions (30 - 35 deg c) so that we can avoid any cooling systems in the design. Any comments / suggestions on this?
  4. We are planning to use soil as the growing medium. Any suggestions / comments on the same?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Kumar & Srikanth.


Hi kumar,

I Deepak from Bangalore would like to meet you guys if you guys from Bangalore, have interest in aquaponics which lead me here

Deepak B N


Hi Deepak

Were you able to establish connect,

lets share connects, i am also in blore.