You can get help from China/LED lighting


Hello, guys. I am so excited to be a new here. Please let me introduce myself.

My name is Eric and I am from shenzhen city, China. My hobbits are the football, travel and so on. I am so good at the football so that I shot the football to the face of my classmate when I was in the university. Haha:joy:, I am so sorry for my classmate.

Now, my work is a product manager. Our products are LED backlight panel, LED tube light, LED panel light and so on.

THE most important: If you need some helps from China, I will do my best to help you.
Thank you. Have a good day.:grinning::grinning:


Great! Glad to have you here. I just checked your link and am wowed by all these type of lights you guys offer. I’m wondering do you guys do any LED grow lights in the format of T5 or T8, and if so, is there any information in regards to the spectrum and PPF/PPFD value?


I’t’s really awesome!

Absolutely, In here almost NerdFarmers looking for to best LED to growing plants with specification.

I am also find to best model which various LED(400nm ~ 700nm , 440nm , 660nm, 720nm …) operates by 12vdc, 6vdc DC with PWM. In addition to, SMD , COB LED emits too heat. For this reason, I looking for best heatsink model.


Wow, I think you need a large range of LED grow lights. The life time of the LED lights is much related to the heatsink. So the heatsink is very important. I will search and upload some heatsink models for you to reference. How many power of the COB LED do you use?


Hi,Cyclony. How are you? I am so happy to hear you here. Yes, we can do the LED grow lights of T5 and T8. We have over 6 years experience. I have the SPEC which contains the information of the spectrum and PPF/PPFD value. I think it is what you need. But, I cann’t upload it now, because I a newer here. My email address is Could you send an email to me so I can send the SPEC to you?



We are looking for in now Low COB LED(Each wattage consupsum is 3~5 Watt is best in my think)
I find channel to purchase below LED.

  1. BLUE - 450nm
  2. RED - 660nm
  3. Far RED - 730nm
  4. Green - 520 nm
  5. Warm White - 3000K
  6. White - 6000 K

I want to interate this 6 type of LED in my PFC. ( PFC EDU 3.0 is same ). All of LED have to Operates “DC” and Dimmable(I want to PWM with this).

If you have any information to above LEDs model, Tell me please!

From KwangHee Han.